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Are you a fancy international traveler with a capable unlocked phone and still want access to all the social medias? Don’t want to keep popping into vodaphone or TIM shops asking for sim cards in different languages? Here’s what you need. It was a godsend on my vacation and I would recommend it to everyone. Learn from my mistakes though.


Stuff I Tried: globalgig international nano sim card 

In July, I traveled to Europe for two weeks with my family. Knowing that I’d want access to all the social medias and a safety net of google maps when walking around alone, I looked into an international sim card for my new iphone 5s. 

Verizon’s international data plans cost $30 per 100 MB + exorbitant charges if you go over. I can easily blow through that watching gifs of corgis wagging their butts. Not a valid option for regular use of my phone. However I bought it anyways… just in case I needed to make a call home or my sim card didnt shipped in time.

Knowing that I use about 2 gigs a month, I bought the Globalgig 1 GB Nano Sim from DataRoam for my iPhone. It arrived about a week later. Note that they will only ship to the address linked to your credit card.

So I activated the card on GlobalGig’s website, per instructions. A confirmation of my activation never arrived. I wasn’t even sure if I was supposed to receive an email about it, so assumed everything was fine. Unfortunately when I got to Italy, my phone read “No Service”.

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UCB-LA | Mantzoukas and.. | 09.11.14

As requested… Mantzoukas and this month’s surprise improviser, Jack Mcbrayer.

Mantzoukas and McBrayer played guys who knew each other (vaguely) in high school, and were waiting at Chipotle for friends to go to a concert.

However, we slowly find out Mantzoukas has always idolized McBrayer and has gone through great lengths to spend some time with him, including secretly disinviting everyone else.

As they waited for their friends to arrive, between the long, long awkward pauses, Mantzoukas’ conversations included making girls squirt, the viscous yet chalky texture of the suicide drink concoction at Chipotle, and every other possible topic to make McBrayer (his character, and probably actual McBrayer) super uncomfortable.


UCB-LA | Seth & Ed’s Puppet Show | 04.19.08

Back in the day, Seth Morris and Ed Helms did a monthly talk show in which they would interview guests as themselves, but in puppet form.

That night, Jason Mantzoukas was interviewed, and took the form of that wolf puppet on the left. When the interview turned to dating, Manzoukas asked the ladies in the audience about having sex on the first date. As the audience clapped, he slooooowly creeped out behind the puppet stage to see who was clapping in response to his question.

I didn’t know who he was at the time, but this was the definitive moment I became a fan of him. 


I’ve been taking a vacation from things for a while, focusing on trying to be healthy and shouting at my TV during Project Runway… but I should probably get back to shooting things again.

So I’m opening it up, any show requests at UCB? Is there a performer you want to see more of? Do you live across the country and want a window into what you’re missing out on?

Pending any conflicts with my Barre classes, I’ll pop in and check it out.

Peruse UCB’s calendar here, reply with requests or gmail me at heyitsliezl.