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Once upon a time there was a great message board called A Special Thing, run by Never Not Funny’s Matt Belknap. Comedians you know and love posted on it. Todd Barry would give us updates on Louis CK. Jen Kirkman would occasionally pop in the chat room. It was a haven where the internet wasn’t a cesspool of awful youtube comments. 

Unfortunately the website crashed and a lot of us abandoned it. It still exists, but the archives, along with years of my photo recaps of Comedy Death Ray were lost. Doug Benson still randomly answers questions there, as long as they’re not dumb. 

Anyway, there would be these polls in which we would rank comedians. Before the crash, it fueled a video response to the results between some comedians.

Here is my favorite.
Here is Zach’s/Kindler’s response and Tim & Eric’s


Varietopia | 08.23.14

This month’s cast of Varietopia! With guests Jerry Minor, Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, Alison Brie and a dancing Aubrey Leigh and Kathryn Burns! 

Next show is Saturday, September 27th: Tickets HERE

October’s show is actually on a SUNDAY, October 26th
the day after Festival Supreme. So why not fly out and make a crazy comedy weekend of it?