After 10 years, Comedy Bang Bang at UCB finally comes to an end November 27

Which saddens me. I went to this show every Tuesday for just about 2 years straight when I first started going to UCB.

I’m not one of those folk who knew a lot of comedians from their earlier work. My fanaticism only extended to The State and Kids in the Hall. I never watched Mr. Show or  The Upright Citizens Brigade. So when I say I’m a fan of all these people now, it’s solely because of their appearances and introductions to me on Comedy Death Ray/Comedy Bang Bang.

I have a lot of fond memories of this show, met a lot of fellow fans, comedians and even first met Jay at Comedy Bang Bang. So while it pains me to see it disappear, I’m happy it’s managed to serve as a home base to a lot of the comedians I now see on television/movies/3rd other entertainment medium.

RIP Comedy Bang Bang. You will be missed. 

PS. Go to the Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Pageant on December 4th. Proceeds go to charity. Go here for the complete lineup: https://www.facebook.com/events/552832908064575/